Environmental Auditing Course - Basic TLC IA12

About the course

Environmental Audit (EAu) involves the examination and verification of operational practices and procedures. It is a “systematic, documented verification process of objectively obtaining and evaluating evidence to determine whether specified environmental activities, events, conditions, management systems, or information about the organization conform with audit criteria and standards and communicating the results of this process to the organization.


Environmental auditing in an industrial establishment is an important tool used to critically examine various aspects of the industry’s operation for evaluating and improving its environmental performance. The essence of the EAu is therefore to scientifically evaluate and document the present biophysical and socio-economic status of the environment of various aspects of a facility operation within a geographical area, with the view of achieving enhanced environmental performance.


Conducting an environmental audit is no longer an option but a sound precaution and a proactive measure in today's heavily regulated environment. Indeed, evidence suggests that EAu has a valuable role to play, encouraging systematic incorporation of environmental perspectives into many aspects of an organization’s overall operation, helping to trigger new awareness and new priorities in policies and practices.


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